China LPG Industry Development Forum successfully held2021-05-09 21:36:04

The "China LPG Industry Development Forum" sponsored by China City Gas Association was successfully held in Beijing on November 6, 2012. More than 100 LPG industry representatives from all regions of China attended the forum.

The forum was presided over by Xiong Wei, Secretary General of LPG Committee of China Urban Gas Association. Liu Heming, deputy director general of Urban Construction Department of Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Huang Qianghua, Secretary General of national cylinder Standardization Committee, and other guests addressed the forum.

The forum focused on the positioning and development direction of China's LPG Industry, the research on LPG small storage tank gas supply technology, the development and existing problems of LPG for forklift truck in China, the inspection report on the application of Internet of things management system for cylinder safety, RFID intelligent angle valve for LPG cylinder and Internet of things technology This paper discusses the development opportunities and challenges of China's LPG Industry under the economic downturn, as well as the eight themes of Singapore bottled LPG customer service and logistics management.

The forum put forward the following measures and suggestions for the development of China's LPG Industry:

One is to raise the threshold of market access. In order to ensure the healthy development of the LPG Industry, it is necessary to raise the entry threshold of the LPG market, implement a strict market access system for the LPG business enterprises, take "perfect management system and sound business plan" as an important part of the market access review, and ensure that the quality responsibility of products and services in all links of the industry can be traced, We should earnestly safeguard public interests and fair and orderly market competition. Second, improve the regulatory system of distributors. The LPG market needs to establish a regulatory system in which the government is in charge of enterprises and enterprises are in charge of distributors. The enterprises with the ability to restrict distributors will have more means and efficiency than the government's direct supervision. Third, price control should be relaxed. As a highly market-oriented and fully competitive product, the sales price of liquefied petroleum gas is still subject to "excessive" control by many local governments. In name, the price is guided by the government, but in fact, the price is limited or fixed by the government. To a certain extent, this limits the independent management right of the enterprises and is not conducive to the service innovation and brand building of the liquefied petroleum gas industry. Fourth, industrial policy support. Accelerating the development of China's LPG Industry also depends on the support of industrial policies. It is necessary to have a correct understanding of the status and role of the LPG Industry from a strategic height, and take positive measures to promote the rational use of LPG resources, the technological progress of the industry and the creation of new business models, so as to enhance the competitiveness of LPG in China's energy market.

This forum has built a platform for leaders, experts and scholars of government departments, relevant enterprises, industry organizations and research institutions at home and abroad to exchange and discuss, and has contributed new wisdom and strength to the development of LPG in China.
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